Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lynne is out jogging when she passes three women. These women are talking about Lynne in a derogatory way. Lynne overhears them and comments to herself that she's not bothered about these women talking about her because she'd rather them talk about her in a bad way than not talk about her at all.

Either these women are very picky about who they side themselves with or Lynne has done something abhorrent to them. It can't be just her exercise attire; then again we can only see the front of her outfit. Perhaps she has a blue word on the back. But the ladies also cannot see the back of her running gear. She must have done something else. She must have embarrassed herself at Ken's party. She got so drunk and gave Ken what he wanted by flashing at him. She then promptly jumped into his swimming pool and then drove home. Some other people were impressed, especially Ken, and whooped and hollered. These women, the old guard of the community and therefore invited to everything, were not.

Lynne seems impressed with her own epigram. Of course it's not hers, it's Oscar Wilde's, but Lynne won't know that. She's just heard it passing conversation and has now passed it off as her own. She is aware, however, that it is not her own so just mutters it to herself. If the old ladies managed to hear it they would be absolutely up in arms. Not only is she a drunk and a stripper, but a plagiarist as well.


  1. I'm not sure that the woman in the middle and the one on the right are actually women. They look more like men to me.

  2. You will, Lynne, you will.

  3. There is of course, more to this story than meets the eye.
    The three harridans (well two actually, the one on the left looks like a transexual) are not 'bitching' about Lynne flaunting herself while out jogging. No they are complaining about Lynne's lack of skill at clothes dyeing.
    Look carefully, unlike the incident with Ben the angler where Lynne covered herself with dye, this time she has managed to get the dye on the face of the 'lady' in the centre.
    Now, how did she do it? Did she whip off her top and throw it at her for closer inspection? If so they would be justified in the 'Show off' comments. But if she simply jumped up and rubbed her ample bosom on the lady's face then this is not 'showing off'. More common assault I would have said!

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