Friday, October 23, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are on a hike. They pass Farmer Ted and ask him how he is. Ted replies that he's OK but he had to sack the new guy for falling asleep on the job. Ted goes on to tell the ladies that the new guy protested it wasn't his fault. 'Mantha is confused and asks why, to which Ted replies that the new guy said he was counting sheep.

It's always good to see that even though she is out hiking 'Mantha insists on wearing her trademark earrings which match her top. Both women have opted for hotpants which, although give a lot of air to the legs, might end up chafing that upper thigh area. 'Mantha and Lynne aren't strangers to hiking so a trip to the local outdoor sports shop should be in order.

You have to wonder whether Farmer Ted enjoys being known as Farmer Ted. He must be the only farmer around, or there is another prominent Ted in the community who has a different profession. A fireman perhaps. There will be an occasion in the future where someone will refer to Ted as Farmer Ted and he will snap. Not in a vehement way mind you as Ted is a mild man. More in the manner of telling the unsuspecting person that farming does not define him and he has many other hobbies such as upholstery and progressive rock. Also he will say that he didn't always want to become a farmer and his true passion lies in beekeeping.

Farmer Ted is a hard task master. Did he give this new guy a formal warning? Can he afford to give up an apprentice? Farmer Ted isn't a young man and will need someone to take over the farm once he no longer can, especially as his good for nothing son has gone into banking or insurance. Farmer Ted must have young men queuing round the block to be a farming apprentices. Finally, Farmer Ted is a hypocrite. He has asked the new guy to make sure that when the sheep come back in from the field there aren't any missing. How else is he going to do this? He simply has to count the sheep. Farmer Ted is one step away from a discrimination writ for firing a man with narcolepsy.


  1. Yet again this cartoon looks like the opening scene from a porn film.

    I must be getting old.

  2. or you've seen too much porn.

    Does that sheep (or is the singular shoop?) in the last frame look more like a wolf to anyone? And why is Phillip Schofield counting it?

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