Wednesday, September 30, 2009


George and Lynne are out and about when George comments that a passing lady with triplets, Sue, has got her figure back after the birth. Lynne tells him that a surrogate carried the babies for her. George asks Lynne what the surrogate got out of it. Lynne replies that she got morning sickness, a bad back and stretch marks.

George must feel pretty embarrassed. He knows Sue, he must do because he knows her by name, yet he has not remembered that she had a surrogate to carry her babies. Did he not know this? Has he seen Sue recently? Perhaps Lynne just told him that Sue was having triplets. George, being a 1970s man, did not ask about Sue because quite frankly he doesn't care. Another one of Lynne's half friends is doing something with her life. All George wants to do is fish and he is subjected to more inane gossip. Now he's just making conversation when he sees her and he finds himself completely out of his depth. Luckily Lynne doesn't get angry. Off the hook this time George.

Lynne seems to think that the surrogate mother was not given any financial compensation for the use of her womb. It must have been a friend who has donated her body out of the goodness of her heart. Either way, Lynne certainly has no desire to have children any time soon as she has only listed the negatives of childbirth. I suspect she also doesn't want to give up the cocktail parties, city breaks and relaxation time. George probably doesn't want Lynne to go through childbirth either, hence him asking about the price of a surrogate. He'll have to find out a different way.


  1. Look hard enough and you will see that Lynne has a faraway look in her eye in the last frame, almost as if she is getting broody. It makes her final comment appear less than convincing. Of course, it is always possible that George doesn't want children and that Lynne is considering whether she has a future with George.

  2. Lynne only has a faraway look in her right eye, whilst her left is shrewd. I think she needs a optician before she thinks about surrogate motherhood.