Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lynne is at the beach with an unnamed friend. The friend asks Lynne if there are any rich single men on holiday where they are. Lynne tells her that there are loads and points out that there are some in a helicopter which is flying out to sea. The friend says that she must attract their attention and does so by waving a small flag bearing the message 'Sexy and Single'. The helicopter turns round and Lynne is surprised at how much courting has changed since her day.

Lynne is on another holiday. We can't be sure if this friend is a new holiday friend or an old friend. From the woman's question it would seem that she is a new holiday friend who Lynne met either at a bar last night or whilst sunbathing. If she knew her before, then the friend's agenda for coming on holiday would have been discussed before.

Lynne must be assuming that there are single men inside that helicopter. Perhaps she is quite bored of this woman's incessant need for rich single men as it was all she spoke about when they met in the bar last night. Lynne was fine with it then as they were both a bit tipsy but now it's wearing a bit thin. Lynne just decided to point in the general direction of a helicopter and a yacht. The woman doesn't realise Lynne is being condescending and actually tries to attract the attention of either a helicopter or a yacht which are both quite a long way away.

Do helicopters have rear view mirrors? Whoever is flying that helicopter is moving away from the beach but still manages to not only see a sign behind them, but also a small sign. If that wasn't miraculous enough, they manage to see a small sign behind them with the words printed on the other side! Those words must be either written on both sides or written in extremely thick letters. It now all makes sense; the helicopter does have a rear view mirror which luckily reversed the words which have leaked through to the other side of the sign. Where the friend got the sign from, that's another story altogether.


  1. Is Lynne on holiday without George? If so, is this yet another crack in their relationship? Considering their financial hardship, perhaps George has had to stay at home and work lots of overtime so that Lynne can have a holiday. And has Lynne been looking for unattached rich men too? If so, perhaps she has got a "job" to help out financially.....

  2. For fucks sake Lynne, a thong bikini?!?!

  3. Smoothpete, "for fucks sake" might just be the reason she is wearing it.

    Word verification - "horslots". You couldn't make it up!