Wednesday, October 28, 2009


George and Lynne are out shopping. Lynne brings a sale to the attention of George. George tells Lynne that he might be able to pick up a bargain for her. Lynne calls George a cheapskate.

George has been putting up a fight against Lynne's shopping trip this time. He has been telling Lynne in no uncertain terms that he is desperately low on money and that they have to cut down their outgoings. Lynne knows she has to persuade him somehow that this shopping trip is worthwhile. Luckily she spots a sale and can lure George into this shop.

George agrees that this sale may be worthwhile. There is up to 70% off on some items and some women are already trying to find the bargains. To the untrained eye, it would appear that Lynne is a bit of a hypocrite. She has shown George the sale but called him a cheapskate for wanting to find a bargain. But Lynne is an experienced shopped. She knows that any item worth its salt will not be on sale. She is hoping to lure George in to the sale and then find something brand new and claim that it is in the sale. Having George wanting to buy an items for her himself is ruining her plan. Not only will George not be spending the amount of money that Lynne thinks he should, but she is also more likely to get some shoddy merchandise. If there's one thing George should know is let Lynne buy her only clothes. She usually takes anything back that George buys her and she knows that items on sale are usually non-refundable. A bad day for Lynne.


  1. Yesterday, Lynne was working as a living advert in a travel agent's window. Did that job fall through? Or perhaps the local police put a stop to it. Either way, Lynne still seems to be having trouble getting her head around their financial situation. George needs to sit her down and explain that they are broke and that the future consists of Vesta boil in the bag curries.

  2. Oh Lynne, sneering like that is so unattractive.