Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lynne is looking out the window and asks George where he is going as he and Sammy are getting into a car. George tells her he and Sammy are going to the car showroom as they apparently have got some new models in. It turns out that George wasn't just talking about cars as the car showroom has some women models in it wearing only bikinis.

George has finally done some damage to his car due to all that unnecessary tinkering he has been doing under the bonnet, so it's time to invest in a new one. That car is a different colour to George's car, so perhaps it is Sammy's. Sammy has driven to George's but is now too drunk to drive to the car showroom, so George has had to drive them both, even though he is not insured. It's risky, but less risky than letting Sammy drive.

In the time it has taken George and Sammy to get into the car, Lynne has decided to put on a white dress over her red underwear. She realised she had the time when George said that he'll need a minute to get Sammy's seatbelt on as he can't do it himself. George starts the engine, pulls away and then calls up to Lynne to tell her where they are going. Certainly enough time to slip on a dress. Either George is being vague to throw Lynne off the real reason for their trip or there is only one car showroom in the area. If there is an emergency, Lynne will know exactly where to get hold of George.

The fact that George continues his sentence only when they get to the car showroom suggests that Sammy has been asleep for the whole journey. Sleeping off his drunken state might mean he will be fit to drive home, but let's not risk it. It also seems that George didn't know that there would be female models there and it is a nice surprise. It could be that it was Sammy's idea to go to the showroom but George rarely believes anything Sammy says as he usually heard it from some bloke down the pub. This time it has paid off to listen to Sammy. He was right about the models and now he and George can spend the morning looking at cars and women. It just a shame that the local pervert has also had the same idea and is standing next to Sammy, leering and dribbling.


  1. Do you think that might be an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser in the background ? That would make me leer and dribble......

  2. Sammy looks absolutely plastered and it doesn't even appear to be that late in the day. George is going to have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't puke all over one of the brand new cars or one of the models.

    George ought not to be looking at new cars anyway (assuming he's not gone to leer at the girls). He was telling Lynne just a few days ago that they were broke.