Monday, October 26, 2009


George and Lynne are having an argument. George likes football but Lynne likes shopping. During the argument Lynne tricks George into saying he likes shopping. Due to his confusion, he agrees to take Lynne shopping and curses himself for falling for Lynne's trick again.

George likes football. He either wants to stay in and watch it on the television or wants to go to the match, which they have done together before. If he and Lynne are season ticket holders, then you would assume that they would not want to waste the money they have spent on the season tickets. Every home game should be in the diary otherwise that is money not well spent. Lynne clearly has not remembered this and is adamant that shopping is more important today.

This is one long argument; during the time from the start to the actual trip to the shops, George changes his clothes twice. At the beginning he is wearing a red shirt and then promptly changes into a white shirt. At the shops he is wearing a more jaunty polo-neck and jacket. Lynne on the other hand wears the same purple top throughout, although the one she is wearing to the shops looks a little different. Perhaps she thinks that purple is her lucky colour and she might pick up some bargains if she wears the same colour that she won an argument in. Lynne is extremely superstitious and will have to wear the same colour for the action as the colour she wore when she first had the idea for the action.

Lynne has played this trick on George before. The reason George keeps falling for it is that he isn't very bright. He assumes that the word shopping should always follow the word football. If he was paying attention during the argument, or if he really wanted to go to the football, he wouldn't have made that mistake. Subconciously, George doesn't even like football.


  1. Why doesn't George go to the football and Lynne go shopping? Does George feel he has to go with her to curb her notorious spending habits?

  2. I don't see why Lynne has won. Surely she has just expressed a preference for football, which still leaves the issue split evenly.