Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lynne is at an amusement arcade and is playing a pinball machine. She proclaims to herself that she is a pinball wizard. Her game finishes and she is upset that she has no more change. Four men appear to offer her the 10p she needs and Lynne wonders why this always seems to happen when she plays pinball.

Lynne must be on the coast, perhaps on a pier. Yes, there may be an amusement arcade in her local town but surely even Lynne wouldn't wear that outfit for a trip into town. She must be on holiday. This is either a new weekend away or the same one when she's gone to meet a friend. It's more likely that she has been sent in there to amuse (hence the name of the establishment) herself while George takes a good half hour at the Lifeboat museum.

The issue here is where Lynne would put her change if she was not out of it. That outfit does not look like it has pockets so she would have to carry around a pile of 10ps. The likely explanation is that before her and George parted ways, he gave her a crisp £1 note to go and spend. She changed it with the proprieter and then stacked up the money on the top of the pinball ready to play. Pocket crisis averted.

On first glance, we may think that Lynne is only playing the pinball machine on the back of recently seeing, or hearing, Tommy. With the album being released in 1969, it most probably the film that Lynne has recently seen, perhaps on video as the film was released in 1975. She has it fresh in her mind and wanted to play pinball to see if she was, like the deaf, dumb and blind kid, a pinball wizard and then she could say the phrase, thus proving to the people in the vicinity that she was both into popular music and film and good at recreational activities. However she has drawn up quite a crowd and these men are desperate for her to play again to see if she can beat the high score. She's that good, thus implying that she has been playing for a while now. It now seems it was the initial album that introduced her to pinball machines and she has quite the knack. Perversely, Lynne is not really a big Who fan and shunned the next offering of Who's Next. She prefers soul music.


  1. This looks to me like the opening scenes of a porn video.* In which case, George and Lynne must have fallen on really hard times and Lynne has found a good way to make money. I suspect that George doesn't know about this, putting an even larger rift in their failing marriage.

    * I'm guessing of course.....

  2. it puts me in mind of the old joke. a young couple are hard up and as a last resort the wife agrees to go on the game.

    after her first night she rolls up home and proudly tells her hubby she made $400.25.

    "what cheapskate gave you 25 cents?" he asks.

    "all of them" she replies.

    it looks like Lynne has found a way to fund that diamond she wanted a few days ago.

  3. I'm quite a connoisseur of pinballs, but confess I've never seen one devoted to Sooty. Maybe it's a special silent model for refined seaside places like Frinton?

  4. I wont make any more comments about jaundice, other than to say that Lynne's charms must be impressive. For, judging by the angle of the jaundiced wrist in panel 3, this victim (perhaps Art?) despite appearing to be collapsed on the floor still manages to weakly offer our shapely heroine the last of his spare change.
    What a gal!

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