Monday, October 5, 2009


In a day in the life of Lynne, she is at the hairdressers where her hairdresser says that people tell hairdressers their troubles. Later she is at a bar where a barmaid tells her that people tell barmaids their troubles. Finally at home, Lynne asks George, who is washing the windows, why barmaids and hairdressers tell her their troubles.

So this is what Lynne gets up to. She has a haircut, and testament to her hairdresser because her hair style never changes, and then she goes for a drink on her own. All the while George has been washing the windows with the smallest step ladder know to man which he is using to wash the windows on the ground floor. Those windows on the ground floor must be just out of reach for him and when he was out buying the special wipey thing for window cleaning he decided he was tired of the dirt at the top of the windows he couldn't reach and bought a step ladder just for that purpose. When he got home he realised a chair from the kitchen would have sufficed, but his stubbornness kicked in.

Lynne doesn't let on what the troubles are that the hairdresser and the barmaid are having but it can't just be that they are constantly being told people's troubles. It's probably that people tell them their troubles and they have no one to tell their troubles to. This is where Lynne comes in. He prize for having a high maintenance hair style and a moderate drinking problem is befriending the women who work in these establishments. She complains but she should be happy that these women trust her enough to tell her their troubles. Lynne is now the only person in town who knows that the hairdresser has the onset of arthritis which is jeopardising her career and that the barmaid's husband is having a baby with another barmaid.

George isn't listening. He is excited that he has finally got the top of the windows clean and can't wait to tell Lynne. Unfortunately she is in a bad mood so will not share his enthusiasm.


  1. Lynne is in a bad mood because if you look closely at the hairdresser scene it would appear she is having her highlights done.When she comes out she has to have a drink to console herself that having spent over £100 at the hairdressers her highlights are quite inconspicuous - probably because the hairdresser got carried away with her own tales of woe and combed them through by mistake.

  2. I suspect Lynne is in such a bad mood is that she hasn't been hearing peoples' gossip but that her hairdresser and the barmaid have. As a lady of leisure, Lynne relies on gossip to bring a bit of excitement into her life.

    Also, it isn't clear but it looks to me that George has made a right mess of cleaning the windows which would probably piss Lynne off. Surely if George is such an important property lawyer, he could afford a window cleaner. Or Lynne could get off her lazy arse and do it herself.

  3. Have you considered, Havocman, that George may take great pleasure out life's more mundane chores? Being a hotshot, that's probably just what he needs to help himself wind down after a hard day at the property law coalface.

  4. Possibly, Bright Ambassador. But he also goes fishing and that would be enough to relax him, I would have thought. Of course, the fact that he is doing his own windows might be enough to suggest that he isn't a highly paid lawyer. He might be something considerably more mundane and poorly paid. In which case Lynne still needs to get off her lazy arse and do the housework or get a job.

    By the way, you look vaguely familiar....