Saturday, October 17, 2009


Lynne is ironing when George enters with his golf clubs. Lynne asks him how golf was to which George replies that he got a hole in one. George is very happy and decides he and Lynne should celebrate upstairs. An hour later, George finds a hole in his shirt because Lynne has left the iron on it.

George must be quite good at golf. It's not easy to get a hole in one and he is right to be happy about his round. What he shouldn't be happy about is that he has come back to find that Lynne still hasn't got dressed. He left before lunch with Lynne promising to do the ironing, and he returns a few hours later to find her on the first shirt.

The iron has been placed on the shirt so it is obvious that that shirt will soon be ruined. What is baffling here is that Lynne has the iron in her hand and then places it hot part down on the shirt when George grabs her. It's not like she was mid iron and was then quickly snatched away. She should know that when you place an iron down when you are not using it you should place it upright. If she does not know this, and George knows that she does not know this, then George should never have left her alone in the house with the cupboard unlocked. The whole house could have be burned to the ground.

Luckily, whatever happened upstairs only lasted an hour. It was just enough time to burn a perfect iron shaped hole in George's shirt but no more. George is understandably annoyed but he can only blame himself. He is the one that dragged Lynne upstairs and didn't check the position of the iron. He looks through the hole to make his point but Lynne knows she is blameless. George should stop looking at Lynne and turn around and maybe he'd notice that smoke is still coming from the iron. He no doubt placed the iron back on the ironing board in the wrong position again. So that's one shirt and and one ironing board cover he'll need to replace.


  1. That's one amazing floating clock. Must of cost a packet, no wonder they're broke.

  2. Yet again Lynne's supplementing George's allowance by topless ironing on the interweb.

  3. It's the 70's, there is no Intertubes. Not unless there is Prestel porn.

  4. I instantly thought George was basing an innuendo around the "hole in one" comment until I saw the shirt.

    Presumably George paid the golf club membership earlier in the year wehn they had some spare cash. Otherwise, he would be reckless spending money on green fees when they are so hard pressed. Is it possible that Lynne is taking in ironing to eash cash flow a little? In which case George is now facing the prospect of having to replace a fairly expensive shirt which would wipe out Lynne's meagre earnings from the work she had done.

  5. I doubt if Lynne does her own ironing normally if it has taken her all morning to iron one shirt.

    Have they had to suddenly sack the ironing lady? Is this the same woman who normally does for 'Mantha? Has she just increased her prices to something that no-one can afford? Who is this woman?

  6. If you ask me, they were only upstairs for 5 minutes, from 12.15 to 12.20. An unsatisfied Lynne deliberately burnt that hole in George's shirt as a punishment for peaking too soon.