Tuesday, October 6, 2009


George is relaxing with a book when Lynne comes up behind him, tells him it is her birthday soon and implies that she'd like diamonds for a present. George tells her through the medium of the written word and a play on her previous statement that he doesn't have enough money for her first choice present.

I do hope that isn't a library book that George is reading because he really isn't taking very good care of it. In fact, even if that is his own book he really shouldn't fold it all the way over like that. The spine will get very badly creased and it will look tatty in his book case. George doesn't seem the sort of person to do this so he must have picked up this book from a charity shop, and after we learn about his current financial situation later on, this is understandable.

George has been going spare with worry about how he was going to tell Lynne that they have no money, and he decided to relax with a book and then a spot of painting, hence why the easel is up in the corner. Either that or it is up there from last night's vigorous game of Pictionary with Sammy and 'Mantha. It was a close game with George and Sammy ending up victorious with a novel way of depicting the word 'terror'. If that was the case then the year is 1985, which doesn't explain George's financial predicament as the recession ended 3 years ago.


  1. More proof that Lynne needs to go and get a job. Oh, and she should take more interest in their finances. If she thinks they can afford diamonds and they are broke, they aren't communicating very well as a couple.

  2. Is there something deeper going on here? George says "We are broke" - this may be implying that he feels their relationship is "broke", and he wishes it to end, in a Freudian slip kind of way. Perhaps this isn't the case, and if not then it's a poor choice of words George, really. "Skint" wouldn't have had the same potential double meaning.

    Frankly if he is communicating via the means of a flip chart and marker pen, then I tend to think that something is definitely "broke" in their relationship.

  3. what with their endless sexual innuendo, non sequiturs and lynne's famous 3 hour pauses, no wonder theres no communication in this relationship.