Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Lynne arrives at Ken's party in a revealing dress and promptly thanks him for the invite. Ken tells Lynne that he is glad the two of them could come. Lynne is confused and explains to Ken that George isn't here as George has had to work late. Ken says that he wasn't exactly talking about George whilst looking at Lynne's cleavage.

This must be a Friday. George is working late so he has been to work today rather than having to go into to work as he may do on a Saturday. Ken has organised a very lavish cocktail party, not something he could do for a weekend as it would be quite difficult to ask his friends to get dressed up on a week night.

Lynne has arrived in a very posh dress carrying a bottle of wine. As Ken has invited Lynne specifically to stare at her breasts he had to orchestrate that she would wear something revealing. It is either the cocktail party we mentioned earlier, or Ken has organised some sort of James Bond themed murder mystery evening. He's also had to invite a lot of other friends just for a glimpse of cleavage. Let's hope he actually likes them as it will be quite a dull evening for him if he has to put up with mere acquaintances just because Lynne is showing chest.

Now, is George actually going to turn up? He's working late that's for sure but how late? Has a new case just come in? Has the deadline he's got to meet run into some complications? It all depends when he gets out. He can't turn up at Ken's looking all disheveled after a hard day in the office. He'll have to go home, freshen up and then change into his dinner jacket. Surely after a hard day at the office, all he'll want to do is relax in his loose fitting pyjamas. Then again he may want to unwind with a couple of pints with Sammy. Either way he won't want to drive across town to a stuffy cocktail party hosted by a man who has an obvious crush on his wife. Let him have his fix; it's George who'll be getting the private viewing later on.


  1. Lynne does love to flirt, doesn't she? She must know Ken's predilictions and gone to the gathering dressed accordingly. She'll probably go home later, tell George all about it and they will have a romantic evening.

    Still, what kind on idiot is George working late when he has a wife like Lynne to go home to?

  2. Lynne looks absolutely wrecked. She can bearly stand in the first frame.

  3. Makes you wonder what sort of party this is.