Wednesday, October 7, 2009


George is working on his car when Lynne asks him why men are so interested in cars. George deflects this question by asking Lynne why women are so interested in shopping. Lynne suggests combining their interests by telling George to drive her to the shops. George sighs.

There is something wrong with George's car. It was only recently that George had the bonnet up and now he's tinkering with it again. George had a play round with the engine the other day when he had no business being in there. Granted, it is his own car but he is doing more bad than good. It's all very well him changing a tyre but an engine is a completely different piece of machinery. It's obvious he thought that he'd have a play round to sort out that rattling sound and now it has got even worse. He has now decided to try and fix it and is out of his depth. This is why he deflects the question; he has no idea what he's doing.

So instead of answering, because he doesn't want anymore questions about cars as he knows nothing, he uses this opportunity to ask the age old question of why women are so interested in shopping? This is also a loaded question as he wants to Lynne to admit that it is her who has maxed out all his credit cards. He is scared of Lynne and is clearly nervous. The hand that is holding his shammy is shaking quite badly. Lynne has a nasty temper so he is being as passive aggressive as possible.

George's line of questioning has not worked. Instead of an admission of guilt, George has now inadvertently agreed to a trip to the shops. He also has to drive his clapped out old motor with a rattling engine. Lynne will not take kindly to being taken to a new boutique in a backfiring Mercedes. George has elected to say the word 'sigh' instead of actually sighing. Perhaps this is an ironic sigh. He is unhappy about Lynne spending all their money, but he is so tired he says sigh in order to again try and antagonise Lynne into a reaction. Unfortunately, Lynne only has one thing on her mind - a new frock.


  1. George and Lynne seem to be heading towards a marital crisis. George is economising by carrying out tasks he should be getting someone in to do, like window cleaning and car maintenance. Lynne continues to want to spend spend spend on diamonds and dresses. They don't seem to be communicating at all.

    Is it possible that George has lost his job and not told Lynne? We haven't seen him in a suit for some time and, if Lynne is that agressive, perhaps he fears the consequences when he does tell her. Is he, in fact, subject to domestic violence?

    By the way, it's chamois and not shammy.....

  2. Chamois is of course the type of deer the genuine leather is derived from, but with the economy drive, George may be using one of the man-made (and quite excellent) 'shammy' leathers.

    I'm getting a bit concerned for them actually, yesterday George conveyed their financial situation as clearly as he can, but Lynne clearly hasn't 'got it' - unless they're just off to Kwik Save or Aldi.

  3. This being the 70's no one has heard of the German bulk discounters, I expect George is off to somewhere like Mace, or Spar. Maybe a Presto for a big shop.