Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lynne is out roller-blading. She uses this alone time to think about some things. On this particular occasion she thinks about Mr and Mrs Warboys who have recently renewed their wedding vows. She heard from someone else that they had a ceremony to do it but it ended badly. It turned out that Mrs Warboys vowed not to marry Mr Warboys.

Lynne has only recently taken up roller-blading as she seems very shaky. You would think that she would practice a bit before heading out on to the high street. Having an accident in full view of the public would be a little embarrassing for her, but full credit, she has gone out anyway. She is not fooling herself though and has made the necessary purchases of safety equipment.

You have to wonder what triggers these thoughts. Does the woman in the designer sunglasses remind her of Mrs Warboys? Did Mrs Warboys also rollerblade? What seems strange is that Lynne is fascinated by the lives of the Warboys without actually knowing their first names. This must have been the only thing that happened this week for it to occupy Lynne's mind. No other mildly controversial event at all. That said, if there were a lot of people at this ceremony and Mrs Warboys publicly asked for a divorce then it might have been big news.

Well done to Lynne. After just a short time roller-blading she has lost the shakes in her arms. She's not moving as smoothly as she'd like, but she's getting there.


  1. Poor Lynne seems to be descending into madness. And so wrapped up in the Warboys she has failed to notice Alan Whicker wandering by, I wonder what paper he is reading.

  2. I'm a little concerned that in the second picture she seems to be thumping a midget on the head. Still, at least she isn't spending cash they don't have or making amateur porn this time.

  3. So Lynne knows Mrs Warboys, does she? Is this the same Mrs Warboys who's forever featuring in the Janet & John stories on "W.U.T.W"? If so, I'm not surprised she's had it with Mr Warboys, poor man!