Monday, October 19, 2009


Lynne and Samantha are having lunch. Lynne informs Samantha that she will be paying for lunch, to which she thanks Lynne. Samantha finds a hair in her salad and tells the waiter, who in turn informs them that their lunch will now be free. A waitress then accidently throws salad over the ladies.

This is 'Mantha who is with Lynne, but Lynne is now calling her Sam. Perhaps Samantha, let's just call her by her full name, has grown tired of the 'Mantha moniker and now prefers a more grown up version of her name. Either that or it is Lynne who has grown tired of the difficult to pronounce 'Mantha and has decided to slip in 'Sam' in the hope it will catch on. No doubt she was called 'Mantha to stop the confusion between her and her husband when somebody would call Sam and they would both turn around. Soon after they met they decided to be Sammy and 'Mantha rather than Sam and Sam. Now Sammy is not present, Lynne is no longer faced with an ensuing confusion, so calls her Sam.

Lynne and Sam, no I can't get used to it either, are going salad crazy. The starter they have chosen certainly looks like a green salad and then the waiter arrives with what look like another two salads. Has 'Mantha found a hair in her original salad? Are those two salads for the ladies? 'Mantha must have very good eyesight to spot a hair from that distance. She must have attracted the waiter's attention when he was delivering the unconnected salads. He is the head waiter and has the authority to offer up free lunches without consultation with the management.

It looks like the meals that accidently get thrown on Lynne and 'Mantha are also salads. They also look similar to the two salads that the head waiter has. Maybe they were their salads after all and the waiter was taking them away. The waitress brings back fresh salads which then go over them. Whichever way we look at it, Lynne and 'Mantha are covered in salad and the man at the next table is quite amused by it all. He thinks that they were lucky to get a free lunch and feels a little schadenfreude at this, the second salad incident.


  1. Quite possibly the worst George and Lynne cartoon ever.

  2. I will admit it's very poor, it reminds me a lot of the advert that was doing the rounds in the early 80's for Country Manor wine. And by the magic or the Interwebs, you can find it here at 3:08.

    I'm sure Sammy has a few boxes of the stuff stashed away, for those afternoons when the pubs are shut.