Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lynne is at an unnamed friend's house. She comments that having a jacuzzi in the garden is the height of luxury. Lynne's friend explains that her new sugar daddy paid for it. Lynne tells her to make sure she keeps him sweet.

Lynne is right, jacuzzis are very expensive. Although putting one in the garden does scream good taste, it also suggests that the friend does not have the space to put it inside her house. However a closer look shows that it isn't just that the jacuzzi has been plopped down anywhere in the garden, it has been recessed into the patio which shows that it is a professional job. And a fantastic addition to a great looking garden – just look at the greenery, awning and decking.

A third look at the jacuzzi shows that it is very shallow. So even though it has been built into the patio, it seems that the concrete foundations were too much for the builders and they could only dig so far. So instead of the lap of luxury, we have a paddling pool with bubbles. The friend is trying to cover up this oversight by telling Lynne about some new boyfriend with a lot of money. It would have been better if the boyfriend had oversaw the whole construction, rather than just give this woman the money as she has employed cowboys.

By the end of this little saga, Lynne has had enough. She can't get comfortable in two inches of lukewarm bubbly water and her back is now killing her. She leans forward in pain to try and get out but her shoulder locks. It's a sad end to what started as an exciting day. However we can assume that when she arrived at her friend's house she did not expect to be sitting in a jacuzzi. If she had, I would have expected her to have brought her bikini top. But the friend also has no top on, which suggest she is either an extrovert, going topless to make Lynne stand out less or has no bikini herself. If it is the latter then the builders must only have finished this morning. With that news, this may be the first time this jacuzzi has been tested, and the shallowness of it is as much as a shock to the friend as it is to Lynne.


  1. If you look closely in the centre picture, Lynne's legs are bent downwards suggesting that the jacuzzi has a very shallow edge and a deeper centre. For a jacuzzi it is obviously piss poor. But, as this is the 1980's, jacuzzis were not common and the builders may have assumed (rightly) that Lynne's friend would not be aware of the proper depth required and have ripped her off.

    Alternatively, perhaps Lynne's friend's sugar daddy is not all he appears to be and he's had the garden pond converted.

    Let's hope for George's sake that Lynne doesn't get any ideas about this.

  2. Hoo-hoo, I wouldn't mind getting those two cuties in a jacuzzi!

  3. I'm starting to worry about the hairy cornflake - he obviously doesn't get out much, or he's just pining for those long lost days on the North Sea!

  4. Which red-blooded male isn't dazzled by the charms of Lynne and her top-heavy mates, dhvinyl? Eh? *nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more*

  5. That's not decking around the bubbly paddling pool. Decking wasn't invented until Alan Titchmarsh and Ground Force. Prior to that everyone had crazy paving, as seen here.

  6. are lynne and her friend tribbing?