Monday, November 2, 2009


George and Lynne are at the seaside. Whilst enjoying an ice-cream together, George comments that there is nothing quite like a British summer. Just then the sky becomes overcast and it starts raining heavily. Lynne agrees that there is nothing quite like a British summer, although sarcastically.

This is not a weekend away. It is more an impromptu trip down to the seaside to enjoy the fantastic weather we have been having. George suggested it and they jumped in his car and sped down. Luckily they found a parking spot reasonably close to the promenade and they have decided their first port of call is a traditional ice-cream cone. It is warm and both George and Lynne, and the other seaside goers behind them, are wearing suitable clothing.

Then we notice something strange. Yes, both George and Lynne have not taken one lick of their ice-creams. What is wrong with them? What is wrong with the ice-creams? It could be that in their excitement they neglected to read the labels and have both chosen a lemon based ice-cream instead of the standard vanilla they wanted. They both look so similar! Or could it be that they have been distracted by the unfeasibly large cones? There is no way the ice-cream goes to the bottom. The super deluxe cone is 55p more expensive and for what? More wafer.

The weather has turned from wonderful to terrible in a matter of seconds. Is this actually possible? Did George and Lynne read the forecast before driving down? They are on the coast so a sea breeze could have blown this shower in from France. Let's hope it is only a shower. George and Lynne certainly think it is as they have made absolutely no attempt to find cover. No, instead they standing in the rain still not eating their ice-creams. That rain will melt those ice-creams pretty quickly, and then what will they be left with? A couple of really big wet cones.


  1. The pier in the background (at least, I think its a pier) looks like the one in Southampton. If it is then they deserve all they get for visiting such a shithole.

  2. Food photographers have a cunning trick, and often use mashed potato to double for ice cream in glossy magazine photos. Being media-friendly types, they may know this, so they may be posing with cones of mash. It would explain why they aren't licking them.