Monday, September 28, 2009


An unnamed woman is flirting with George who is looking at the engine of his car. She says that she and George could make sweet music together. George tells her that he is married. The woman continues and asks George what his wife has that she doesn't. George tells her his wife has a bucket of water just as Lynne pops out of the window and drenches the woman.

This woman certainly has a lot of confidence. She's just wandered past and decided to come onto George. There is a time and a place for flirting and it is not when a man is pretending to understand engines. He is looking for the input of men here. Or perhaps she really is a musician and she thinks George is too. Does she think he has the hands of a harpist? The fingers of a flautist? Whichever it is, she is right to distract him. If those hands are as delicate as she thinks they are, they have no place under a bonnet. This could be a concert career ruined before it starts.

George is asked what Lynne has that this woman doesn't. An obvious answer would be his wedding ring. Whatever it is that George thinks that Lynne has that's so unique it certainly isn't underwear, well not today anyway. No, of all the things that George picks as Lynne's unique selling point is a bucket of water. If that is the only thing he can think of then it is probably him that the bucket of water is meant for. She was idly mopping the bathroom when she overheard this conversation. Upon hearing that George thinks that she is the same as any other tuppenny tramp but with bucket, she promptly aims the water at her husband. The woman however has just moved into position for her third offensive, probably involving complimenting George on his garden, when she is inadvertently drenched. How is the woman going to explain to her orchestra group that she has not only failed to recruit the man they believe to be the saviour of classical music but that she also is soaked to the skin?


  1. Idly mopping the bathroom floor with no top on.

  2. Are there any women who live near George and Lynne that aren't very well endowed? Must be something in the water.

  3. Of course, George is assuming that this is a bucket of water, but is it? I mean, Lynn is butt naked for one thing, and she's in the bathroom... She's shown herself to be somewhat kinky in the past...

    Yep. It's a bucket of piss.