Tuesday, March 1, 2011


George and Lynne are in the garden. Lynne tells George that she bought some bedding plants to put out. George says that is great. Lynne then encourages George to help her by saying that he shouldn't just sit there doing nothing. George says that he is not doing nothing but he is busy staring.

The work on the garden continues. This time Lynne has made her way to the garden centre and back again with a load of plants without a car while George has been relaxing with his newspaper. No wonder she's had to remove her shirt.

Lynne wants George to help her but unless she has another trowel, all he can really do is point out the best positions for the plants. As they are Lynne's idea, he decides to let her get on with it.

It's difficult to know just whose house that is in the background. It could be George and Lynne's but that would mean that they would have the largest garden in the whole street. Did they get a good deal when they bought the house as it came with six extra acres of woodland? It's more likely that being a good property lawyer, George found some loopholes in the lease and managed to snap up all the woodland and encroach on their neighbours' gardens in one very small purchase.

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