Monday, March 21, 2011


George and Lynne are out by the river. George is fishing and complains to Lynne that he has had not so much as a bite all day. He is then stung by an insect. Lynne consoles him by saying that at last he got a bite. George curses his luck.

Even though they are sat on a muddy bank of the Thames, Lynne still thinks its Benidorm and strips down to her very revealing bikini. It can't be that hot as George is still in a heavy denim shirt and cords, although he has decided to roll up his sleeves a little bit. That said, George has been sitting still so he might not feel as warm as Lynne who has been jumping about a bit, much to the enjoyment of the other fishermen.

George is bitten by an insect, probably a mosquito or midge or even a horsefly. Either way, his reaction is justified as it can be quite a shock if he didn't expect it. That said, he has been sitting round slow flowing water on a relatively warm day, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

As Lynne consoles George, she has surreptitiously put some ointment on her finger and disguised its application by squeezing George's neck. George is quite childish when it comes to insect bites and Lynne knows he would have had a bit of a fuss if she tried to put cream on the bite. Lynne is a loving wife.

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  1. Why didn't the mosquito bite Lynne? There is much more exposed surface area to attack.