Monday, March 28, 2011


Lynne is talking to a male friend and asks him if he knows Tabitha. He says he does and confirms that she is the brazen hussy who throws herself at men. Lynne asks him if that bothers him. A woman is seen sprawled over him as he says that it doesn't bother him.

It is very busy in town. As Lynne sits on the bench with her friend, all manner of activities are going on. The man on on the left is performing a mime in a leotard and on the right is a local goth. Anarchy has also broken loose as a woman on a moped has mounted the kerb and is wantonly riding through the square. Lynne doesn't look perturbed by this dangerous driving despite the fact that her toes were nearly run over.

The man Lynne is talking to seems to be Harry. He has had a past with different ladies so it is no surprise that he knows of Tabitha. Anyone with a desire for men has slept with Harry at one point. Who knows what diseases he has. Lynne might be catching something right now.

We must assume that this woman with the bad perm is Tabitha. She has thrown herself at Harry in a manner which is fitting to her description. Lynne looks like she is about to make her excuses and leave. If she hasn't caught anything from Harry then just looking at Tabitha is likely to give her a nasty rash. Akin to unifying boxing titles, Harry and Tabitha must be trying to bring together all the STDs in Wimbledon.


  1. it looks more like a very early prototype Segway than a scooter.

  2. She is standing up on the scooter, presumably looking to hop back off the kerb. I think she has lost control and will fall off though. Then she will wish she had worn a helmet.

    It looks like this conversation takes place over two days. Not only has Lynne changed from a brown skirt to white shorts, but Harry looks completely different. It may even be a different man. Maybe the joke is that Tabitha is sleeping with (and choosing clothes for) both these men and everybody knows but them. In a later strip they will meet eachother and fight over Tabitha but Lynne will break up the fight with a well-timed wisecrack.

    Watch out for that stiletto, Lynne!