Monday, February 28, 2011


George and Lynne are getting ready to go out. Lynne asks George if he thinks the dress she is wearing is suitable for the night. George says that it is not suitable to go out in, but it is perfect for when they come back.

George and Lynne have been invited to another black tie gala. This one is a benefit for cats with leukaemia and George's company have made a substantial donation, forcing him to go and make an appearance.

George insists on tying his own bowtie, so has yet to see Lynne's dress as all his concentration has gone into that tricky business. When he finally sees it, he realises that it is a little risqué for tonight's event.

He does however think it would be suitable for when they come in. George is intending to invite a group back after the gala for adult games. Unfortunately this will never happen as Lynne will now spend the next hour trying on dresses causing them to be late for the gala missing the presentation of the cheque. The patron of the charity will get annoyed with George and a fist fight will ensue. George is then sent home with a black eye and butterflies in his stomach as to what his boss will say to him on Monday morning.

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