Friday, March 11, 2011


George and Lynne are getting ready to go out. Lynne tries on a series of dresses which George thinks are too revealing and then too concealing. The final dress is, according to George, perfectly appealing.

Lynne is playing with George and he doesn't realise. They are getting ready to go to dinner at the house of a senior partner of his company. He has told George to tell his wife, Lynne, to wear something that shows off her figure but which isn't too revealing. George mentioned this in passing when the invite went out and Lynne has been waiting for her opportunity to tease him.

Having found a suitable dress, the one she was always going to wear, George will soon realise that it is too short and he can see her underpants. Having sorted out that wardrobe malfunction it will be time to turn to George's attire. He is insisting on wearing that blue shirt with a keyboard tie. Lynne will veto it and having already been in a foul mood for her joke backfiring will end up wearing the second dress just to spite George. This will not go down well at dinner.


  1. Lynne looks strangely attractive in the big dress.

  2. No wonder. Looks like she's going braless.

  3. You would expect George to have done up his shirt in the time it takes Lynne to change twice, but on closer inspection it seems the shirt has no buttons. He is going open-chested.

    This is no ordinary business dinner. Are they getting into the wife-swapping scene just to please George's bosses?

  4. Frame 1: Lynne is wearing a slip + knickers
    Frame 2: Lynne is wearing her coat
    Frame 3: Lynne is wearing the dress which she always planned to have between the slip and coat.

    It's just like the story of the 3 bears, if Daddy and Baby Bear had been transexuals and Goldilocks ended up wearing the latter's leather mini-dress.

  5. The third dress is not only smaller than the first one it is also rubber. My guess is that George and Lynne are going to a fetish party of some sort.

  6. Lynne in a short rubber number and George going Hasselhoff, no wonder Sammy takes a stiff drink whenever he knows these two lunatics will be along.