Thursday, March 3, 2011


Lynne is on the phone. She tells the person on the other end that Dave has bought Deb a ring. The other person asks if it is an engagement ring and if the next stop is the church. Lynne says it is a rubber ring and the next stop is the beach.

Lynne is a horrible friend. She phones her friends, gets their hopes up with a bit of exciting gossip and then quashes it with, in her mind, a witty one liner. If she continues to do this either someone will mis-hear her punchline and spread untrue rumours or people will stop answering the phone to her. Either way Lynne is not going to be very popular.


  1. It seems an odd present to buy a grown woman. Unless Lynne was there when Dave bought the ring, Debs must have mentioned it to Lynne. She would only have done that if she thought it funny or if she was angry. If she was hoping for an engagement ring, she might well be angry. If she finds out Lynne is joking about the situation, Lynne's popularity will plummet even further.

    That or Debs is a small child and the other person on the phone doesn't know her.

  2. Lynne's got a very nasty skidmark there.