Wednesday, March 16, 2011


George is in the pub with some friends. One says his girl has a lovely legs, the next says his has a nice bum and the last friend says lovely boobs. George is asked about his girl. Lynne arrives and George says he has got the complete package. All the men look at Lynne.

Due to Sammy's new teetotal lifestyle, George has had to find new friends to drink with. They are of equal age to George, somewhere around their early 40s, although the man with the moustache, who might be Bill Beaumont, looks a little older. It could be that Bill has decided to buy a series of properties in Wimbledon, all possible from his lucrative Question Of Sport contract, and George and his business pals are schmoozing him down the Ferryboat Inn.

As with all men conversations in the pub, the chat turns to women. Each man tries to out do each other but Bill looks a little uncomfortable with the way it's turning. The man with the glasses has misread the situation and may have scuppered the deal. The man in the pink t-shirt goes along with it but wasn't really listening to why they are saying these things so just chips in with 'lovely boobs' so not to feel left out.

When Lynne turns up, the deal is back on. Bill Beaumont decides that Wimbledon really is the place for him if the women who live there are as attractive as Lynne. The man in the pink t-shirt is the only one who isn't that interested in Lynne. He is annoyed that she has turned up in a position that causes him to turn his head whereas before all he had to do was look forward.


  1. Lynne thought it would be warm in the pub and dressed accordingly. Now she is having to hug herself against the cold, and George is shouting about his package and encouraging his friends to leer at her. She is going to leave her white wine unfinished and go home by herself, and cry.

  2. Or, perhaps, Lynne is working as a waitress in this cocktail bar. Or a stripper.

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