Thursday, March 17, 2011


George and Lynne are in court. A solicitor asks a doctor how he would describe the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. The doctor replies that he had bilateral peri-orbital haematomas. George and Lynne are now in a hospital. Lynne asks Ted exactly what the damage was. Ted replies that it was two lovely black eyes and points to them.

George and Lynne have gone to court but they are there merely as observers. We know this because if they were there as witnesses, they would have known what happened to Ted. Ted is not in court, he is in hospital but it seems strange that he is in hospital if he only has two black eyes.

There is something going on here. Ted was obviously attacked by someone and is now suing his attacker for an amount of money. This is not a criminal court, but a civil one. Ted is pretending to be more injured than he actually is and has asked to stay in hospital so it looks like he was seriously hurt. He also asked his doctor to lie for him. His doctor said he wouldn't, but as they are good friends he will describe the injuries in full medical terms so to confuse the jury.

We don't know what the jury's decision was but George and Lynne are seeing Ted to pass on the news. If they were followed they may have blown Ted's lie wide open. That said, no one has committed perjury so there is no evidence against Ted. Whatever happened to Ted, by the way he's acting he probably deserved it.


  1. What I find slightly unnerving about this is the fact that whoever writes George and Lynne knows the proper medical term for bruised eyes. I never took them for an intellectual. Perhaps they are a frustrated former medical student who had to drop out and is now making ends meet by writing "amusing" comic strips. Clearly I misjudged them.

  2. Given the time it would take for a criminal action to be ruled out and a civil action taken to court, the first two frames must be much later in time than the last two frames.

    If Ted has been struck about the head in some way, e.g., an amusing incident with a swinging plank or having various items of window-cleaning equipment fall on him, then it makes sense that he should be confined to hospital for a few days of observation in case of brain injury.

    This is actually quite a serious matter for Ted. He is an actor and was hoping to audition for a part in a new TV series called "Howard's Way". Now he will never get that part.

  3. I have a feeling that George knows more than he is letting on. Perhaps Ted made a pass at Lynne and George, having found out, has sent some of his lads 'round to have a 'word' with Ted.

    All in all, a very sinister episode in the lives of our heroes.