Tuesday, March 29, 2011


George is holding a paper and tells Lynne that he's just read that chocolate's very bad for you. Lynne points out that George doesn't eat it. He then produces a box of chocolates and points out that Lynne does eat them. Lynne is happy and George says that that is good for him.

If you look closely, George is hiding the chocolates at the beginning of this episode, meaning that his preamble was just a set up to give Lynne the box. She is wearing a night dress of some sort and George is wearing his only suit. He must be late home and is pre-empting an outburst from Lynne by giving her a peace offering.

George's plan works and he shows he is pleased with that by breaking the proverbial fourth wall and winking at the reader. However in his world, there is no reader. So just who is George winking at? It would seem that since stopping drinking, Sammy's intellect has heightened significantly and he is coming up with ingenious ideas to help George out of tight fixes. Sammy was out the front of the house waiting for the all clear from George that the plan worked. Now it has, Sammy can go home.

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