Monday, March 14, 2011


Lynne is in the bathroom weighing herself. She is shocked at the scales and tells George that she thinks she's put on weight. George tells her not to worry as he knows an instant way of losing weight. Lynne throws off her clothes at George while he says that that is the sort of weight loss programme he appreciates.

Halfway through getting ready to go out, Lynne decides to weigh herself. She is wary of the amount of slap up dinners she has been having recently and decides to check if they've been having an effect on her weight. She was also alerted to do this as she had trouble putting on the dress she was planning to wear.

George says he knows of a good way to lose weight but we don't get to hear what it is. It's a wonder that George hasn't marketed his unique weight loss techniques. He would have been a millionaire and would be able to afford as many slap up meals as he wanted and eaten as many without any ill-effect.

Wearing high-heeled shoes is not recommended when weighing yourself. The pressure will give an adverse reading, which probably caused Lynne to shriek. She thinks that removing her clothes will get her down to her desired weight, but just removing her shoes might have done the same thing. Unless of course her basque is lead lined. It does seem to be holding its shape very well and George is in a hurry to get out of the way of it.


  1. Probably not a good idea to put the scales on a deep carpet like that either.

    What's the red thing she's throwing at him? Did she grab a handtowel from somewhere, or is she having an unusually heavy flow?

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  3. the red object is one of Lynne's stocking shapers. She saw them at a women's circle meeting and was convinced they were a good idea for keeping her stockings organised and ready to wear.

    George isn't so sure.

  4. It's quite an achievment to be able to throw five different articles at the same time at George. Either that or he is having terrible trouble with his amateur juggling act.

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