Thursday, March 24, 2011


George and Lynne are in the car when they see a crash ahead of them. Lynne tells George that at this rate they'll be late to meet Mike and Clare. George adds that the traffic is terrible today. They arrive at the funfair for which Lynne is relieved. George asks what ride they should go on first and Lynne replies that she doesn't want to go on the dodgems.

George and Lynne are late to meet Mike and Clare at the funfair. George says the traffic is terrible but to be honest the reason they are late is not really traffic but a car crash. This may have been caused when tempers flared due to bad traffic, but it is two dented cars, and a policeman, which are blocking his way. He would have to wait until the breakdown trucks arrive before they'll be on their way.

Even though they are late, George and Lynne manage to get a parking spot right next to the rides. This suggests that this funfair is not very popular. Either that or they are so late that people are going home and the fair is close to closing down. The lights are on around some of the rides.

Lynne doesn't want to go on the dodgems because they remind her of the crash she witnessed earlier in the day. The harrowing sight of bodies over the road is still fresh in her mind and crashing into other cars will no doubt bring up those memories. George will not want to have to deal with a screaming Lynne.


  1. George is dressed in the latest 1982 fashion, like he saw on Top Of The Pops.

    I don't think Clare's red dress is entirely suitable for the fairground though. The ladies are not going to enjoy any of the rides and are going to end up wandering around with dubious hot dogs while the men go off and try to chat up teenagers.

  2. Her dress was white to begin with, but then she had to help the paramedics deal with a man with a ruptured jugular. The steering column was right through his chest as well. It was awful. It's been quite a day for road accidents.