Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lynne is in the shower. She thinks to herself that Kitty's husband is a real cheapskate. It turns out that he refused to fit a shower when a cheaper alternative was available but Kitty wasn't impressed with having to use a garden hose.

Lynne's shower is once again filthy. She may take George to task for not helping out in the garden but that may just have been his retribution for Lynne never cleaning the bathroom.

What Lynne should really be worried about is the peeping tom who is taking photographs of her at strange angles. Lynne can obviously see him as she is attempting to cover her modesty. The fact that she knows it's happening means it must be George. He is collecting evidence of the state of the shower for a presentation he is putting together for Lynne to justify his actions in the garden.

Kitty's husband's justification of fitting a shower cubicle, a tap but not a shower head is odd. If that's all that's missing then surely Kitty could just pop down to the DIY store and buy a shower head. They are very easy to install and not at all expensive. She may have to hold it when washing herself until she gets a man in to install the shower head holder, but it's not that much of a hindrance.


  1. Despite a good long shower, not a hair out of place.
    Either Lynne is using WD40 as hairspray or her golden locks are really a rather rigid polyester wig.

    Also seems that Lynne is jumping to conclusions about Kittys husband. He is not really tight but found an effective way to blast off debris after being arrested on a recent trip to the US.

  2. (Or Lynne is using the shower for a purpose other than washing.)

    I think Kevin (it's got to be something beginning with K) recently moved to Wimbledon from another part of the country. Not only does he now have an unconscionable mortgage but the people who sold him the house removed all the fittings they possibly could. Kevin has had to buy curtains, light bulbs and carpets. You can hardly blame him for making use of the 2-yard length of hosepipe he found in the garden, Lynne.

    George's company was probably involved in the house sale. Kevin thought George was helping him get a good deal but really George was playing him for a sucker and pushing up the price. There will be trouble when Kevin realises what George has done.