Monday, March 7, 2011


Lynne is at the local swimming baths with an unnamed friend. She tells Lynne that in Hollywood there is always a younger, sexier actress after your role. Lynne says that it could be worse. The woman asks how so and Lynne replies that the thing that could be worse would be a younger, sexier woman after your husband as she sees George talking to a young woman.

This friend of Lynne's talks of Hollywood and acting but she doesn't look like Lynne's acting friend Katalina. However we know Katalina has been in trouble with some dodgy types so she may have already been forced to have some plastic surgery to both change her identity and make her more alluring to casting agents. Her statement also makes it apparent that she is getting on a bit now and has had to resort to cosmetic surgery to look younger.

Lynne spies George talking to a young woman which angers her and forces her to leave the jacuzzi, the first decent soak she's had all year what with George's water restrictions at home. Her anger turns to rage as she sees that the swimming baths have the same tile pattern as her own bathroom. It was George who picked out the tiles after the pattern 'came to him a dream'. In fact he has been showering and bathing at the swimming baths for a long time, enjoying hot showers while putting tight limits on the amount of water Lynne uses. It all adds up now and Lynne is apoplectic.

Oblivious to Lynne's powers of deduction, George has simply pointed out to the young woman that he has the same tiles in his bathroom.


  1. And the tiles at home are just as dirty as the ones here.

    Maybe the red-haired woman is a mutual acquaintance of Lynne and Katalina. She knows about the grubby stuff Katalina is doing and is gently trying to get Lynne to understand without explicitly saying it. It is hard work though, because Lynne keeps getting distracted by trivial matters.

    As for younger and sexier, the brown-haired woman doesn't look either compared to Lynne. Her breasts would be almost invisible if she wasn't leaning forward and pushing her arms in. Perhaps what Lynne can see that we can't is that George is suffering an attack of priapism, which he is trying but failing to conceal with his left hand.

  2. Lynne has misconstrued the length of time that George and the mystery woman having been talking as flirting. The truth is she recognised George from a recent property foreclosure auction and asked him for property investment tips. He has been rambling on for ages and the poor girl is freezing but too polite to leave.

    George really can be an awful bore when he gets started.

  3. Either it's a full moon or George has got a body hair problem we previously knew nothing about. His skin colour is a bit iffy as well. Perhaps the young lady he's talking to is a doctor or medical student and she's advising him to get some help.

  4. His suit is hirsuit.