Thursday, March 31, 2011


George and Lynne are at a basketball game. George asks a friend which player she is married to. The friend says the one with the ball, who is very tall. As he scores another basket, someone says that he certainly looks good at putting things in baskets. The friend agrees and says it is very useful in supermarkets.

George and Lynne are at a basketball game but it looks more like an exhibition as there are only seats on one side of the arena. The man they are talking about is much much taller than everyone else, so the exhibition must be in his honour. This is to try to get American basketball teams to sign him. So it is a wonder why George doesn't know who the husband is.

The basketball player plays for Wimbledon, hence the W on his shirt, and likes to train a lot. He wants to get into the NBA and often spends his evenings training. Due to this, some of the only quality time he gets to spend with his wife is right after training, leaving him no time to change. His wife doesn't care though because she likes him to get the baked beans from the top shelf.

If he gets his NBA contract, she won't need him as she can get all her groceries delivered; the irony.


  1. "He certainly looks good at putting things in baskets" is a sentence that is just dripping with sarcasm. George is a rugger man and has no interest whatsoever in basketball. He has had to come here straight from work, when he would much rather be going home for dinner and a beer in front of the telly, to sit on an uncomfortable plastic chair in a noisy sports hall and be bored crapless by this stupid yank game and Lynne's vapid friend. No wonder he has his arms folded.

  2. Judging by the direction of the speech balloons it would appear that either G and L have changed sides of the court or the basketball player is scoring at both ends (not a euphemism). As we have already established that there are only seats on one side of the court, it must be the latter option. This begs the question does our aspiring NBA star actually have the faintist idea of the rules of the game if he feels he can score in either basket?

    I fear his career will be nipped in the bud unles he can avoid schoolboy errors such as this.

  3. It's partially obscured by the speech balloon in the last frame, but that looks more like a trolley than a basket.

  4. Good catch, Havoc. I never was very good at the game, but I knew which end of the court was which.

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