Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Lynne and 'Mantha are out shopping. 'Mantha comments that Lynne and George never seem to exchange a cross word. Lynne agrees by saying they hardly ever do and that she accepts his faults. She adds that he accepts that she doesn't have any faults.

Lynne and 'Mantha are shopping for dresses. 'Mantha has tried on a green number but has decided it isn't for her and puts it back, ready to put her purple smock back on. Lynne has picked out a pink dress and is admiring herself in it.

'Mantha is asking Lynne this question because she has had another blazing row with Sammy. Since coming off the drink, he barely leaves the house in case the temptation to go to the pub defeats him again. He has always associated outside activities with drinking and has not been able to have fun since 'Mantha delivered her ultimatum.

Lynne claims she doesn't have any faults but we can clearly see that she has been hiding a lazy eye for some time. She's done very well to hide it all these years. That said, it may just be a spasm from the air conditioning in the changing room. We shall see if it flares up again.


  1. It was a waste of time for 'Mantha to even think of trying on a green dress when she's wearing her red earrings. Or the white ones.

  2. Or perhaps now that Sammy is on the wagon, Mantha has to take Lynne whenever she fancies a long lunch as the Ferryboat.

    Looks like Lynne should have skipped that last Blue Nun. However, not sure George will be willing to accept this kind of behavior from Lynne if it becomes to frequent.

  3. Never mind a lazy eye, Lynne appears to have suffered a stroke in the final frame.

  4. This is just another reason why it's good that G&L have gone south. The cartoonists couldn't cut it anymore. I wouldn't want to see a once-amusing and well-drawn strip reduced to such junk artistry.