Monday, May 11, 2009


George and Lynne are out and about and Lynne asks their mutual friend Harry where he has been. Harry claims he has been out shopping in town, despite having no bags. Lynne enquires about this and Harry says that he had a good afternoon with the ladies.

What the hell has Harry, if that is his real name, been doing. It can't be anything to do with his car, which looks like a Mini convertible. Harry, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyer, has spent one afternoon in town and got 12 phone numbers, six kisses AND a hot date with a busty blonde. Where do George and Lynne live that someone like Harry can be the town lothario? What is this town that someone can kiss 6 women in one afternoon? I can understand the phone numbers; if you play the percentages you could get more. I can only assume that this town is either full of utter slappers, sex starved divorcees or incredibly ugly busty women that are so desperate for companionship that they'll fall for Harry's tried and tested advances. I've seen some of Lynne's friends so I doubt it's the latter. 

Whatever it is, George enjoyed the conversation so that's all that matters. 

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