Monday, April 4, 2011


George and Lynne are sitting on their bed naked. George suggests to Lynne they make it up. They start to make the bed and George continues, saying it was a stupid argument. Lynne agrees, especially about George's side of it. George rubs his temples and says it is like trying to blow out an electric light bulb.

George and Lynne have had an argument, presumably about how to make the bed. They have agreed to disagree about the correct manner; George thought it was best to put the whole duvet in the sheet and shake it, whereas Lynne wanted to put the corners in and slowly bring the sheet down. They have decided to do it the quickest way, rather than the one which yields the best results as it is now late and George has work in the morning.

When Lynne calls his side of the argument stupid, George is at the end of his tether. He likens reasoning with Lynne to blowing out an electric lightbulb – impossible. Why he needed to say electric is confusing. Does this mean that firstly there are such things as non-electric lightbulbs, and also that George has blown one out? A non-electric lightbulb must be a candle in a glass bulb. This would be equally difficult to blow out and besides, the lack of oxygen would mean it would be very difficult to keep it alight anyway. Let's hope Lynne doesn't tell him of his error, he might be liable to strike her.


  1. How does the Eighties Theory account for the BW strips? Does it concede that they are genuinely from an earlier era?

  2. electricity is a pretty new concept for George. He moved to Wimbledon from a more rural part of England which hadn't been connected to the National Grid so he's still getting used to the concept. Lynne was making fun of him trying to put out the new fangled electric lights as he had the older lamps and candles in his farm cottage.

  3. Bobbellinhell - we are seeing G&L in a classic 1980's pop video style - black and white. No doubt if there was movement in the strip, it would be in very blurry slow motion.

  4. Look at the height and size of that window. Obviously what they were arguing about was the wisdom or otherwise of spending the night in a giant's castle.