Monday, July 12, 2010


Lynne is at a restaurant. The waitress asks her if she thinks it's okay for her to flirt a bit with the customers. Lynne thinks it can't do any harm. She adds unless it is with her husband as George arrives and throws water in the waitress' face.

Lynne has picked a lovely little bistro for her dinner tonight. It looks like the sort of place where she and George go before going on to the theatre or cinema. The staff are so friendly that they actually indulge in unprofessional conversations with the clientele. The waitress should not be asking Lynne about flirting with customers. She really shouldn't be asking anyone near the restaurant until she has full ingrained herself there. It would appear she is new to the waitressing game and does not know the etiquette yet.

Lynne however is not really listening to the conversation. She is staring into space thinking about the prospect of 90 minutes in the company of Roger Moore. The Bond films are great because George likes the action and Lynne likes Roger Moore. So they all win. She has zoned out of the waitress' comments and hasn't really understood the nature of the conversation.

It is because of this that she throws water in her face. She sort of heard the words 'flirt' and 'customer' so when George comes back from the toilet and the waitress asks him if he'd like any sweet, she hears the word 'sweet' and jumps to all sort of conclusions. George is one of the many people in the restaurant who is not amused. Once more Lynne has made a fool of herself and made someone else wet. It is George who will have to apologise to the waitress and the owner. Octopussy is going to be a lot less enjoyable now.


  1. She really does have quite the anger management problem. Tsk tsk, Lynne.

  2. Judging by the waitress' uniform, the proprietor of the restaurant would seem to have decreed that flirting with customers is mandatory and inevitable. And if frame 2 is any indication, it's Lynne who gets a little wiggle rather than George.