Tuesday, July 13, 2010


George is with an unnamed friend admiring his car. The friend tells George that he has had this old girl for years but what beauty and style. He adds that he wouldn't swap her for the world. Lynne arrives in a taxi and George agrees that he wouldn't swap her either.

George's friend really does own a classic car. It's surprising it doesn't have a wind up motor at the front. George's friend takes very good of his car. Even though this is a classic car, he talks as though it is his only car and that he bought it when it was first manufactured. Not only must he take really good care of it but it must make him in his early 70s, which when you look at him actually makes sense. He may have bought the car in 1935.

George's friend says that he wouldn't swap her for the world, referring to his car. Has George been offering up some sort of deal to take the car off his hands? At the end, it would seem that George is referring to Lynne when he says he wouldn't swap her, but he doesn't seem to be looking at Lynne, he appears to be still looking at the car. Has he offered up Lynne in a part exchange deal? This is the 1983 version of Indecent Proposal, albeit the other way round.

Lynne has arrived under false pretenses. She thinks she was invited to have tea with George's friend. George thought that by this time he would have already brokered the deal of the car for a night with Lynne. George's friend has made it quite clear this won't happen but has he met Lynne before? Her attractiveness might make him change his mind. If not, George has not really lost anything, except a taxi fare.

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  1. Following on from yesterday's "Flirt With Customers", it would appear that Lynne is now wearing the waitress' dress. So, have George and Lynne been having a threesome after their visit to the restaurant? If so, his interest in swapping a night with Lynne for the car may have gone out of the window in the afterglow of their afternoon romp.