Tuesday, July 20, 2010


George and Lynne are on an aeroplane. A stewardess informs George that another passenger would like to change seats with him. George says he can't because he is sitting next to his wife. The stewardess tells George that that is exactly the reason why the man wants to change seats.

George has decided to wear a suit for this journey. This could be for a number of reasons. He could be on a business trip that has allowed him to take Lynne along too. He could be on his way to a funeral as he is wearing a black tie, but it is unlikely they would go straight to the funeral from the airport. Most likely is that he has worn the suit in an attempt to be upgraded to Business or, better yet, First Class.

George's plan seems to have worked as the seats that George and Lynne have an incredible amount of room. So spacious is it that Lynne can cross her legs and they are still not touching the seat in front. This will give her a very comfortable time as she watches Rocky III on a tiny screen at the front.

The man who has asked for George's seat has arrived. The layout of this plane has become more confusing. It looks as though the stewardess has made way for the entrance of the man. She must be in the aisle, and therefore so must he. This makes this man extremely short. He must have a tremendous amount of confidence to ask for another man to be removed when standing at a mere 4' 10”. We can only imagine that he is a very successful businessman who always travels First Class and he usually gets what he wants.


  1. Another strange one. I like the way the hostess has time to add chestnut highlights to her hair to cover up the salt and pepper look between asking George to move and the man turning up.

  2. Judging by George's facial expression in the last frame it would appear that one of the earliest examples of air rage is about to occur.

    As for the little chap, is he suffering from Little Bloke Syndrome and got ideas above his station? With George as one of Wimbledon's leading villains, this insult is likely to incur a visit from a couple of George's heavies.

  3. Yes, that is George's most frightening expression since 'Pick Your Own'.