Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lynne is in the shower. She thinks to herself that Samantha has warned Sammy about his boozing again. Lynne goes on to ponder that she said he was drinking in the last chance saloon. Apparently Sammy said it sounded like a cool place and asked how to get there.

We join Lynne's thoughts just as she is ending her shower. First she turns the shower off, then she grabs a towel and finally exits the bathroom into darkness. What's interesting here is that Lynne has had a shower without getting her hair wet. This is not uncommon for women but usually a shower cap ot at least a hair band is used to stop the hair from catching any moisture. Also, Lynne is retrieving her towel from inside the shower. Are we to believe that she left her towel inside the shower and it didn't get wet? Perhaps the towel did get wet and Lynne has had to enter the inky darkenss of the airing cupboard to get a fresh one.

If we are to believe Lynne, then Sammy has misunderstood 'Mantha's ultimatum. She has threatened to kick him out if he continues drinking but he wants to go to this fictional bar. If 'Mantha is good for her word then Sammy is gone, but somehow I think she will acquiesce. Sammy must have been drunk when 'Mantha gave this warning. She has said he is drinking in the last chance saloon, but Sammy wants to go there. He should have asked whose round it was if he thought it was a real bar. However he couldn't say that because 'Mantha has previously thrown out all his booze.

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  1. Interesting to see that in the second frame there is tiled wall to the right of the shower head whereas in the third frame it has largely disappeared. What the hell's going on there? Is there a secret compartment or hidden door to George and Lynne's shower? And if so, why?