Thursday, July 29, 2010


Lynne is with some friends. One suggests that as everyone seems to pose for calendars, then why can't they? One friend asks if that means without clothes. Lynne says that they could be really different and keep theirs on.

Lynne and her friends must be in a sauna. This is the only logical explanation for four naked women to be chatting so comfortably. However, the walls do look rather dirty and not the sleek pine you'd expect from a reputable sauna establishment. The women look relaxed so maybe they don't know that they are in a dungeon, lured by some local psychopath by the promise of a cheap steam.

Despite their impending disembowellment, the red headed lady has suggested posing for a calendar. Before anyone can offer their thoughts, she has questioned herself on the subject of how much skin would be shown. The lack of oxygen inside the dungeon is starting to take effect and the red headed lady has become delirious, not knowing who is saying what.

Lynne takes control of the conversation and suggests keeping their clothes on. How is she the only one who is in full control of her senses? The last panel is a giveaway. In a moment of cinematic revelation, all has gone dark around Lynne and she strikes a pose which suggests that she knows exactly what is going on. This is Lynne's dungeon. She has lured the women for her and George to feast upon, in whichever way they please. They are truly evil.


  1. Whatever the situation is, George will be videoing it for future viewing. With or without Lynne.

  2. The wall is a bamboo fence and they ladies are naked in the back garden. I know that because that's what me and my friends do in the summer ;-)