Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Lynne is at the swimming pool. She thinks to herself that Samantha has had it with Sammy's drinking and that she's thrown out all his bottles including his hot water bottle. Lynne jumps in the swimming pool.

So Samantha, or 'Mantha as we know her, has finally decided to take action on Sammy's alcoholism. About time. 'Mantha's own brand of tough love takes the form of not allowing any receptacle of any kind in the house. It was going to start with just binning his drinks cabinet until she found that he was keeping whiskey inside his hot water bottle; a sad state of affairs. They are only to drink from clear glasses from now on. If Sammy does anything else to upset 'Mantha, they could be drinking straight from the tap.

The lifeguard at this swimming pool could be in for a busy afternoon. Firstly it looks like Lynne is lounging on the balcony and then jumps in. Surely this is against the leisure centre's code of conduct. They might expect it from local youths but not more mature clientele like Lynne. She will probably only be given a warning this time. More alarming for the lifeguard is having to deal with the gentleman in the pool who seems to be either relieving or pleasuring himself. Either way, this is not respectable behaviour.


  1. luckily for her this nation still had stiff upper lips in the 80s, so the idea of an intervention would be seen for the horrific violation of behavioural dignity that it is.

    Unluckily for her, being dry at home will mean that Samny is pestering George all the time.

    How many times do you think Lynne will be able to take returning from an expensive city break, perhaps to Belgrade or Hamburg, to find Sammy has come round, drunk them dry of their duty free martini rosso and peach schnapps souvenir bottles, and passed out on a pile of puke on their patterned sofas? How many times is he going to be bending George's ear, talking about how he loved that hot water bottle, that he'd had it since he was a kid and how 'Mantha's a heartless bitch.

    Do the decent thing, Lynne, pop round and leave a bottle of gin behind the wash hand basin stand in the downstairs toilet

  2. I see that the hot water bottle has a teddy bear on it. This would suggest that it is a child's hot water bottle and that Sammy has had since he was a child. As he appears that he is now in his 40's (although the booze may have aged him badly) this hot water bottle is probably very dangerous due to the rubber perishing. 'Mantha is correct to ditch this health hazard even if it is only used to house Sammy's emergency supply.