Thursday, July 1, 2010


George and Sammy are by some shops. George tells Sammy that some things really frighten him. Sammy asks what it is that frightens George, offering up spiders, rats and snakes. George tells him that it is diamonds. Sammy agrees.

George and Sammy are in town and have probably just come out of a shop which might be called Sports United Wear. They have been watching the 1982 World Cup and are keen to start playing football again. They have not bought anything though as a Italy Paolo Rossi replica shirt was deemed too dear by both.

The conversation turns to phobias. This is because Sammy has said that the rising price of quality sportswear scares him. He wonders what scares George but George looks at him very strangely. He is puzzled that Sammy would think that he would be scared of those things when he knows that George is a known nature lover. Whenever Sammy has been scared of those things in the past, George always repeats his mantra “They are more scared of you.”

George has an intense fear of diamonds. It is not a recognised fear but if it was it would probably be called diamondiphobia. The likelihood of people having this phobia is very slim, so it is even more incredible that two best friends have the same phobia. It is also very inconsiderate of their wives to go shopping for them when they know it turns their husbands into sweating wrecks at just the sight of them.


  1. Not only do they share diamondiphobia, they also share a Scooby-Doo-esque stammer when nervous. Is it possible they are brothers?

    I think George has been watching too much Miami Vice/Howards way too judging by the rolled uo jacket sleeves.

  2. Maybe it extends to other forms of pure carbon too, I wonder how they feel about graphite?

  3. Did George's fear of diamonds start when went to see Die Another Day - or is that still in his future?

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