Thursday, July 8, 2010


George and Lynne are getting ready for bed. Lynne tells George that the police got her to take part in an identity parade today. George asks if the witness recognised her face. Lynne tells George that he didn't but he thought he'd seen her figure on Page 3.

This is quite big news for Lynne to be telling George just as they are about to go to bed. This suggests that one of them has only just got home. It looks as though it is Lynne who has just got home as George is already in bed and Lynne is not. She has got undressed and now has the time to tell George about her day. It is unclear whether the identity parade took that long, or whether she had a previous engagement.

George does not seem to understand the purpose of an identity parade. Why would Lynne's face be recognised unless she was actually part of the crime that took place? Does George know something we don't? Is Lynne being used as a patsy in a far greater illegal scheme? George hears that she was in an identity parade and is suddenly worried that the police are onto him as he has been sending Lynne on illegal errands for quite some time now. Perhaps this is how he can afford all those weekends away.

Luckily Lynne was not recognised by the witness, presumably someone who saw a man being beaten up by one of George's heavies. Even though the witness saw a violent crime, he still decides that this would be a good time to flirt with one of the people in the identity parade, and therefore waste police time. And is telling a woman that she has the figure of a Page 3 model a good way to compliment her? In this case it seems it is, as Lynne seems very happy with herself. George now has the added worry that his wife is posing topless in a national newspaper.


  1. The best clarification of the murky personal life of George and Lynne yet.

  2. Sounds like it was an iden-TITTY parade! Ho, ho.