Monday, July 26, 2010


George is talking to an unnamed friend. He tells George that his wife is part of the hunting, shooting and fishing set. He goes on to ask George about his wife. George says that she is part of the shopping, gossiping and flirting set.

George is the middle of the road talking to this man. His wife is nearby and we can identify her due to the fact she is wearing riding trousers and boots. She is not the woman with the crooked glasses in the foreground. This wife is going somewhere with her husband but he has stopped to talk to George for some reason, If they are not careful they will be run over.

The man refers to George as 'old boy.' Does this mean he is not actually acquainted with him as he hasn't used his name? If this is the case then the term 'old boy' is a rather affectionate term to use for a stranger, especially considering that this man looks older than George. It looks as though many people are around so they could be attending a neighbourhood watch meeting. George and the man know each other from the community but have yet to formally introduce themselves.

So, we are at a neighbourhood watch meeting. The aforementioned wife has come straight from either hunting, shooting and fishing. Her husband has rushed out and not realised he's clashed his jumper with his shirt and Lynne and 'Mantha have come straight from a shopping trip. It is good of them to come to the meeting as something serious must have happened in the neighbourhood but it looks as though they are not taking it seriously and are spending the time flirting with a couple of likely lads. For all they know, one of these men could be the peeping tom that the neighbourhood has to be so vigilant about.

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