Wednesday, July 28, 2010


George and Lynne are out cycling. George asks Lynne if she's seen Gloria's new hairdo. Lynne regrets that she has. She adds that if anyone considers getting the same cut she would advise them to hair don't, which doesn't make sense.

It's good to see George and Lynne getting more use out of their tandem. A tandem is an expensive piece of equipment and is not to go unused. Even though it was a whim purchase because both George and Lynne wanted to do more exercise and Lynne saw it and fell in love with it, they have decided to keep going with it. It is not easy to see who is doing the greater share of the pedalling but both seem reasonably relaxed.

It would initially seem that the woman at the end is the aforementioned Gloria. However, even though both George and Lynne are acquainted with the woman, neither of them acknowledge her when riding past. If it is Gloria they have snubbed her for one of two reasons. The first is that one of them has told Gloria to her face that they do not like her haircut and the atmosphere between her and the couple is frosty. The second is that George and Lynne are embarrassed to be out on their tandem, as it is ridiculed amongst their friends. They had tried to use a back route but unfortunately Gloria, who is also embarrassed to be seen in public at the moment, has taken the same route.

This could of course not be Gloria at all. It is a woman who has the same haircut as Gloria because it is a fashion that is attracting the young people of Wimbledon. George and Lynne, being mid to late 30s and therefore technically 'past it', do not understand it and think it is ridiculous. The fact is that after seeing the fourth and fifth women with the same style, Lynne will run to the salon and demand to have a 'Gloria'.

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