Friday, July 23, 2010


George and Sammy are on their way to the pub. George tells Sammy that he has heard that the barmaid with the great figure has gone on holiday. This saddens Sammy and he has asked who has replaced her. George tells him it is her cousin. Sammy says he can notice the family resemblance.

On this warm summer's evening, George and Sammy have decided to have a drink down The Ferryboat Inn. The sun is yet to set but the sky is quite dark. It looks like a summer storm is about to set in. Foreseeing this, both George and Sammy have opted for light jackets. Hopefully they will keep off the rain as neither man has an umbrella.

The Ferryboat Inn has a policy of always having a minimum number of staff on in the evenings. Therefore, whenever someone can't make their shift for any reason, a replacement will be hired to cover. Sammy knows this. However it is also their policy that whoever needs to be replaced has to find the replacement themselves. Therefore the barmaid with the great figure has asked her cousin to step in.

As they enter the bar, George gives the new barmaid a small wave, which she reciprocates. Does George know her? He has said before that he has only heard of the other barmaid's absence. He could just be being courteous, but it seems he has met her before. His wave in understated, which implies that he does not want his acquaintance with her to be known. To Sammy's dismay, they will go to the other side of the pub, to be served by a man without a giant rack.

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  1. At first sight that doesn't look like the handle of a beer pump behind the plump breasted young lady in frame three. And the new bar maid looks like a manly version of Lynne. Perhaps it is her brother and he has had some surgery. It would explain his complete lack of expertise at dressing him/herself.