Wednesday, July 14, 2010


George and Lynne are out and about. Lynne notices Will and his new partner. George comments that it looks like she can't keep her hands off him. Lynne says it is not so much him as his wallet.

Will, a friend of both George and Lynne's, has a new partner. Partner suggests that they have been together for a while, otherwise the word girlfriend would have been used. That is unless Will has openly objected to the word girlfriend as he feels he is too old for it. He feels he has got to the age where 'girls' are now 'women', but woman friend suggests a platonic relationship, so he has asked for any romantic female companion to be known as his partner from now on.

The other explanation is that this woman is actually Will's new business partner. This would explain why she can't keep her hands off his wallet because he is the money behind the venture and she has the technical expertise and the contacts. Will is a well known capital investor and has been the money man behind a number of successful small businesses in the Wimbledon area recently, thus making a name for himself.

It is very unprofessional then for this woman to be kissing Will. Will should know better than to get romantically involved with someone that he is doing business with. If the relationship turns sour, then so could the business, thus losing the new company hundreds of pounds. Unless he is investing in an escort agency and he is being taken out for a complimentary evening with the madam. Then this is all legitimate, well as legitimate as it can be.

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  1. Well, Will and his new partner need to brush up on their people skills - they've walked past George and Lynnne without even acknowledging them. They may live to regret their crass mistake. If they are looking to get into the escort business they will have to deal with Wimbledon's current Mr Big in this area. As this is George, they could be getting a visit from his enforcers as mentioned in "Identity Parade" earlier this month. I see much trouble ahead for Will and his new partner.