Thursday, July 22, 2010


George is sitting on a chair thinking to himself. He remembers that before he married Lynne, she worked in the hotel business. Apparently she still keeps fond memories of her time as a maid and also her uniform which George is glad about.

This is George's chair. He has positioned it near some well bound books and a couple of photographs. He uses this chair to read and sometimes reminisce. If he can't reminisce about anything he only has to look at the photographs and he is reminded of a time gone by. Perhaps the well bound books are actually photograph albums. If this is the case then this is George's reminiscing chair.

Lynne must go on about her time being a maid in the hotel business as George looks utterly bored with his own thoughts. He is almost falling asleep just thinking, which can't be a good sign. He may use the story of when Lynne worked in the hotel business as an aid to get to sleep.

Lynne has decided to put on her old hotel maid uniform. Judging by the uniform this was no hotel that Lynne worked in. It had rooms and many visitors but they rarely stayed the night. She has been covering up her past for quite some time now. The back story is so elaborate that she tells George about it often to keep up the pretence, so much so that he is bored of the story. Good work Lynne.

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  1. The truth of the matter is that Lynne was working in one of George's Wimbledon Mafia knocking shops. He knows full well what her past was.