Wednesday, July 7, 2010


George and Lynne are in a camping shop when they overhear a woman asking the salesman if he can help her as she is looking for a tent. The salesman points her in the direction of a two man tent which is very popular at the moment. The woman decides that that is no good because she is going camping with her sister. George and Lynne smile at this.

George and Lynne have suddenly become very interested in this woman at the camping shop. It is almost as if they wish to ridicule her for asking about tents in a camping shop. She is obviously not a seasoned camper like George and Lynne and they immediately look down on her.

This must be a very high end camping shop. The tent which is behind the lady when she first asks the salesman seems to be priced at £995. That is very expensive for a tent. It must house a full family and have cooking facilities with it, along with beds and toilets. Sensing that this lady is not an experienced camper, the salesman decides it is not the right time to push the Campmaster 4000.

By the end, George and Lynne are having an absolute field day. Not only is the woman not an experienced camper, but she believes that you have to be male to stay in a two man tent. What an idiot! The salesman looks a little perplexed at the situation and may well have to call his superior in order to deal with the woman. Meanwhile George and Lynne, in full earshot of the woman, ask to see the Campmaster 4000.


  1. Lynne may be moving in to have a gloat at the other woman's naive question. George has definitely moved in to have a closer look at her boobs - see the last frame for evidence.

    And, knowing George, he has made a mental note of her apparent simple-mindedness and she will soon be subject to George's lounge lizard chat up technique. She doesn't stand a chance....

  2. I think the other woman is tactfully making a point about sexist language, which is a big issue in the 80s, where G&L live. She's creating a comic misunderstanding to draw the salesman's attention to the issue without alienating him with an aggressive response.

    Her diplomatic strategy is looked down on by her hard-line feminist friends, but she is ahead of her time.