Friday, May 28, 2010


George and Lynne are at a party. George introduces Lynne to a local councillor. The councillor tells Lynne to let him know if there's anything she wants him to handle. Lynne pours a bottle of wine over him and says he can handle his own dry cleaning bill.

George really does move in the highest of circles. He has been invited to a party where a local councillor is attending. Embarrassingly for George though, he has completely forgotten the name of the councillor. He has introduced Lynne quickly hoping that the man will introduce himself. Then, having his name confirmed, George can talk to the councillor about that new housing development his company is keen on being part of.

Lynne pours the bottle of wine over the councillor's head because she thinks he is looking at, and referring to, her breasts. She shouldn't be too quick to judge. What if the councillor is quite tired after a mammoth board meeting and his eyelids are drooping, or he has a nervous blinking tic, or Lynne has a money spider crawling down her top? Now the councillor is angry and covered in wine.

Even if the councillor had been ogling Lynne's chest, she has now pretty much ruined any deal George wanted to be involved in, and perhaps put the future of his company at risk. George's property development company is not doing so well, the cutbacks in previous episodes are evidence of that, and they have decided to send their best man, George, to sweet talk the local councillor in order to get their foot in the door with regards to that property development. After this incident, the councillor may give the contract to a rival firm. However, there may be a chance that he finds Lynne's behaviour 'feisty' and admires a man who can control her, thus giving George's company the contract.


  1. You just never know with Lynne. Some days she would smile at such a comment from a random gentleman, other days she snaps and pours a bottle of grape juice over the offender's head.

    On another note, it is nice that he's bending over so she can really get a good pour going. I think George will have success with his proposal, as the councillor seems to enjoy being humiliated like this. Well played, Lynne.

  2. Bloody hell, if Lynne reacts like this when a bloke ogles her boobs, what the hell did she do to the dental nurse who was flirting with George yesterday? I suspect Wimbledon Common is awash with victims of Lynne's jealous rages.